The  adventure  of    Danger Island    comes  in   two   mediums:  an animated feature movie and an escape game for mobile devices. 

After the passing of his wife, a kind-hearted nerdy father Tim buries himself in his work. He believes he is doing it for his  12 year old daughter  Hanna and  8  year  old   son  Otto, but   the   family   has   drifted   apart.  When Tim  sees  this,  he  decides  to take his  kids on a   spontaneous   rebonding  trip   to   an isolated  island.      


His plan takes  an unexpected turn when they discover that the island is in fact a secret laboratory of an outcast mad scientist, Professor Kaos. After  30 years of imprisonment, the professor has escaped to finish his vindictive masterplan - to control the forces of nature and finally get the respect he thinks he deserves.


Being just inches  away  from  finishing  his weather controlling  machine, he locks his accidental guests into a small scale weather simulation, to test run his invention.     Facing    four    of    the    most   extreme  natural   forces  -  extreme temperatures, thunderstorms, fire and floods  -  the family is out of their depth.


Their fate  would have  been  sealed if it wasn’t  for  a  lone special  forces  agent, Agent  Pi.   30  years ago she lost her parents there in  the same simulation. Now she must join forces with  the  family  to escape  the  danger  and  stop Professor Kaos  from  taking  over  the  world.


The animated movie will be accompanied by

an escape the room style game for all mobile

devices. Inspired by the film, it will place the

players in the middle of their own adventure

where just like  the  characters  in  the movie,

they  must  find a way out  of  Professor Kaos’

mad  experiments.